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Dealing with complaints can be time consuming and costly, from a financial and reputation perspective.  NWFC can lessen those burdens by providing quality control assurance.  NWFC has helped builders, developers and homeowners to locate and correct construction problems that cost thousands of dollars. A resolution to a water damage problems, installation failures, damp basements or other issues can keep your costs down and provide customer satisfaction. NWFC can develop a procedural plan for correcting problems during the construction phase of your project.

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Roy's mentorship began with an Old Danish craftsman by the name of Jens Wilslev.   He taught Roy many tricks of the trade from parquet inlays, hand scraping, hand planning, and detail to wood structure.  Jens could never stress enough about the importance of proper jobsite conditions and teaching Roy the basics of water and wood.  Roy feels he was blessed to be mentored by Jens, being one of the greatest teachers within the industry.

Roy Reichow began his wood flooring career in 1971 as an apprentice with Art Luedtke Wood Floors.  Art had a keen eye for detail and replica of fine parquet flooring; this was Art Luedtke’s mark of excellence.  His company replicated many famous parquet flooring patterns found in many cathedrals around the world.  Each piece was manufactured, installed and finished by hand with precision and care.

Reichow Parquet Flooring, a wood floor contracting firm, was established in 1974 by Roy and Michelle Reichow, a husband and wife team. Roy’s love for woodworking coupled with Michelle’s eye for design and administrative experience inspired the creation of Reichow Parquet Flooring.  

National Wood Floor Consultants was established in 2002, providing education to the wood flooring industry.  In 2003, Roy became Minnesota's first certified wood floor inspector for the National Wood Flooring Association’s (NWFA). A certified wood flooring inspector is a consultant who performs field investigations on hardwood flooring, providing written reports for architects, commercial and residential building owners, attorneys, general contractors, flooring contractors, manufacturers, insurance companies, and others.

Roy currently is on the National Wood Flooring Association task force, reviewing the technical manuals, which are used throughout the industry today.   He feels the importance of education is to ensure the quality of wood floors are met, which is often lost in today’s competitive market.  Through the mission of NWFC, Roy is taking what was given to him and paying it forward by passing along this valuable knowledge to the next generation of flooring professionals

Roy’s colleagues recognize him as one of the most informative wood floor specialists within the industry.

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