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Wood Flooring Contractors can never know enough about their trade.  With today’s use of the Internet by the savvy end-users, we can help you minimize your losses.  With 36 years experience in the wood flooring industry, I will help you with “Tricks of the Trade” that I was taught years ago.  
I personally guarantee you will save the licensing fee each year from the knowledge base on this website.

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National Wood Floor Consultants designed this website to help educate wood flooring contractors with the use of the Internet.  Roy has educated many floor specialists over the years using techniques from “Old Masters” ranging from custom floor staining to the “Perfect Finish”.  You will find answers to frequently asked questions such as Wood/Moisture relationship and how it pertains to the jobsite and your warranty. 

Questions and Answers are addressed through the eyes of the wood floor inspector who has hands-on experience in wood floor installation, sanding and finishing industry for over 30 years.

Topics included are:

The importance of keeping a jobsite checklist/records to make sure you are covered in case of failure claims or court appearances.
How to address the general contractor with issues such as subfloor requirements, relative humidity, along with proper acclimation procedures.
Project the necessary required expansion for any specie to be laid.

Claims managers will enjoy the use the many different charts and tech sheets, starting with proper acclimation to automatic calculators determining moisture gain by Rh, cupping, crowning, seasonal gapping and many, many more. 

There are many downloadable forms are available on this website, including personalized care slips, lien waivers, jobsite estimating forms, disclaimers, and many more.

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