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  • “On the Job Troubleshooting” column entitled “Scratches in the Spotlight,” Oct/Nov 2006
  • “On the Job Techniques” column entitled “Managing Microclimates,” April/May 2010
  • “On the Job Techniques” column entitled “Exotics Behaving Badly,” Editor assistance for article
  • Oct/Nov 2010 Authored article for column “Your Business – Live and Learn” entitled “Friend or Foe”.
  • Feb/Mar 2014 Authored article How Many Wood Floor ‘Failures’ Start Before the Sale
  • “Shredding the Shake: Quick Buffing Job Ends in a Repair,” May 2015
  • “Who Was Liable for These Three Real-World Relative Humidity Claims?” August/September 2015
  • “Who Was Liable for these Chatter, Color and Squeaky Floor Issues?” Dec 2015/Jan 2016
  • “Liability: What Does ‘Watch Out for Low Humidity’ Really Mean?” February/March 2016
  • “Contractor Gambles for a Trendy Look and Pays for Failure,” June/July 2016
  • “Refinishing Shortcut Could Cost Contractor ‘a Bundle’,” August/September 2016

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  • “Wood Flooring Installers: Guilty Until Proven Innocent?” Hardwood Floor Magazine June 2016
  • “The Installer/Final Inspector: What Does That Mean?” Hardwood Floor Magazine June 2016

Your Business | Legal Brief | RH & The Law - Who was on the hook for these real-world RH claims? | By Blake Nelson and Roy Reichow

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