Michelle Reichow

Co-Founder - National Wood Floor Consultants

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Roy Reichow NWFA CI., CSF., CSA., CWFI.

Founder - National Wood Floor Consultants

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Michelle has 40 years of experience in wood floor sales and estimating with Reichow Parquet Flooring, Inc., a wood floor contracting company in MN. Her experience includes sales & design, customer service, project estimating, scheduling and management, and employee management. Michelle also is Vice President and Director of Operations for National Wood Floor Consultants, Inc., a wood floor consulting and inspection company. She has also served on the Executive Board and Council of non-profit organizations and brings expertise in systems and organizational leadership.

Roy began his wood flooring career in 1971 as an apprentice with Art Luedtke, owner of Luedtke Hardwood Floors, which he founded in 1920.    Parquet flooring, an inlayed pattern, was Art Luedtke’s mark of excellence.  The demand for parquet flooring became very popular at this time.  Many high end homes were requesting custom made parquet floor.  Art had a keen eye for detail and replica.  Luedtke Hardwood Floors replicated many famous parquet flooring patterns that were found in castles and cathedrals around the world.  As parquet flooring was not readily available pre-manufactured, Art set up shop to custom manufacture a parquet floor to the specifications of individual clients.  Each piece was manufactured, installed and finished by hand with precision, pride and care.  

At a time when “branding” a business was an unheard of term, Art branded his business with the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”   This was the ethic that Art built his business on and instilled in his workers.  Every job was completed with high quality workmanship and professionalism.  Every customer was given a golden ruler as a business card and thank you gift.

​ One of Art Luedtke’s longtime employee was Jens Wilslev.  Jens was born in Denmark where he worked as a fisherman prior to immigrating to the United States.  Jens was an extremely gifted craftsman and took Roy in as a young woodworker. Jens had over 30 years of experience when Roy became part of the Luedtke Hardwood Floor team.  He taught Roy all the tricks of the trade, providing customers with quality wood floors where every piece was precisionly handcrafted.  Art Luedtke sold his business in 1974 and retired near family in Iowa.

Reichow Parquet Flooring was established in 1974 by Roy and Michelle Reichow, a husband and wife team. Roy’s love for woodworking coupled with Michelle’s eye for design and administrative experience inspired the creation of Reichow Parquet Flooring.  The business integrity modeled to Roy through both Art and Jens was one that Roy and Michelle continued to foster in Reichow Parquet Flooring.  Most clients were referred from previous customers. Many of our clients became repeat customers and after our 40+ years in business, we continue to be in contact.  Every project was done with attention to detail and fine craftsmanship.  In 2014, we made the hard decision to end our careers in wood floor contracting, however we didn’t hang up our passion for the wood floor industry.  

The high standard for wood flooring is often lost in today’s competitive market.  Once asked by Jens, “Roy, what are you going to do with all this wood floor knowledge I’m teaching you?”  Roy’s reply to him was “I hope to give back to the industry the knowledge which was given to me.”  Roy and Michelle’s passion for the industry and the desire to Pay it Forward drove the vision for National Wood Floor Consultants, Inc.  In 2002 National Wood Floor Consultants, Inc. (NWFC) was established providing pre-construction consultation, education and flooring inspections to the wood floor industry.  In 2003, Roy Reichow became the first National Wood Flooring Association’s (NWFA) certified wood floor inspector for Minnesota.  Today colleagues recognize Roy as one of the most informative and knowledgeable wood floor specialists. 

Through the mission of NWFC, Roy is taking what was given to him and paying it forward by passing along this valuable knowledge to the next generation of flooring professionals.  This is Roy’s gift back to the industry.  Michelle is Director of Operations of NWFC, ensuring all facets of the business are fulfilled, coordinating schedules of educational events, consultations and inspections. This variety of gifts and expertise makes Roy and Michelle a successful team.  Before retirement years, they strive to leave a legacy behind them based on the Golden Rule that was instilled many years ago.