Roy Reichow has 48 years of experience in the wood flooring industry as a wood flooring expert. His wood flooring experience, successes and opportunities servicing hardwood floor lead to his developing a unique business model in the technical and educational segment of the industry, by determining and solving problems. Roy is considered to be one of most respected and competent independent, objective and unbiased analysts of complaints, problems and performance issues.   Roy is founder and principle of Reichow Parquet Flooring and National Wood Floor Consultants. He holds all National Wood Flooring Association Certified Professional certifications in Wood Floor Installation, Sanding, Finishing, Sales Counselor, Inspector and Commercial Inspector. He also has served on the National Wood Flooring Association’s Certified Professional Board of Directors and Chairman.  

Roy’s services are honest and impartial and he takes inspections seriously to provide Root Cause Analysis (RCA). The purpose of RCA is applied to methodically identify what occurred, why it occurred, and where does the fault lie.  Roy’s forensic floor inspections deal with a multitude of floor failures including, but not limited to, manufacturing, specification, installation errors, performance issues and maintenance problems. He performs flooring inspections nationally but focuses primarily Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Minnesota and Montana.  

Roy has authored several published wood flooring articles, has developed installation specifications, maintenance manuals, and claims policies for flooring manufacturers and retailers. Roy is a national known presenter at conferences and has led certified classes for installation, sanding, finishing, inspector training, and sales. 

He is recognized and acknowledged as an expert witness and has supported legal counsel in a variety of complex litigation cases for residential, condominium and commercial settings across the country.

Michelle Reichow

Co-Founder - National Wood Floor Consultants

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Roy Reichow NWFA CI., CSF., CSA., CWFI.

Founder - National Wood Floor Consultants 

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Michelle has 40 years of experience in wood floor sales and estimating with Reichow Parquet Flooring, Inc., a wood floor contracting company in MN. Her experience includes sales & design, customer service, project estimating, scheduling and management, and employee management. Michelle also is Vice President and Director of Operations for National Wood Floor Consultants, Inc., a wood floor consulting and inspection company. She has also served on the Executive Board and Council of non-profit organizations and brings expertise in systems and organizational leadership.